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Monthly, weekly and daily planners to stay on stop of priorities and goals.

Health and Wellness Tracking

Never fall behind on your gains! Weekly fitness tracker and workout entries will have you on top of your game.

Project managment

Using a project planner enhances organization, improves time management, boosts productivity, facilitates collaboration, tracks progress, reduces stress, and optimizes resource allocation.

Vision Board + More

Using a vision board can boost motivation, clarify goals, enhance focus, and visually reinforce your aspirations and dreams.


Unlock the potential you've never seen before. Max out all aspect of life.

LifeMax Now

LifeMax Anywhere

Access the notion template on any device, phone, tablet, and computer.

LifeMax Now

The Next Level

Are you ready to unlock lost potential? Never fall behind again, LifeMaxOS Notion Template tracks everything needed to get to the next level.

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